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Alex T. Steffen

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Top-Speaker & Digital Strategist

Alex radiates effortless innovation. He is a public speaker and digital strategist. When serving international companies and government offices, he helps to better integrate the digital and the human aspects at work.

Alex‘ main mission is to foster digital literacy and entrepreneurial thinking in leaders. His objective is to help build more robust organizations despite radical change.

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This is Alex

Alex is known as a facilitator for mindset shift. As a keynote speaker Alex takes on the role of a storyteller and makes learning vivid. He inspires curiosity for change and joy towards transformation. He presents on the topics of digital leadership and high performing teams in front of international audiences. Participants increase their versatility and effectiveness in a changing workplace.

As a workshop facilitator Alex acts as a bridge between different worlds. He has more than ten years work experience and extensive knowledge of corporate and startup systems and routines. Alex is a recognized expert for startup ecosystems and innovation hubs. Alex is an evangelist of disruptive ideas and he introduces fresh methods to organizations.

Alex focuses exclusively on designing meaningful and hyper relevant companies. His company Growth Masters > offers mastermind trainings for executives and entrepreneurs worldwide. Its special focus on community and learning environment creates fertile ecosystems for true transformation.

Selected Customers

„Alex T. Steffen knows how to connect established companies with digital startups. He presents valuable do‘s and don’ts for companies to transform their business models and processes fast to stay successful the digital economy.“

– Thomas Jungbluth, Head of Customer Office Products & Innovation at SAP

Keynote Presentations

Digital Leadership in 4 Easy Steps

In this keynote presentation Alex delivers a colourful description of the new requirements for companies in the digital economy. He sets a powerful impetus for change and the entrepreneurial mode of operation.

Alex shares personal anecdotes and success stories from digital pioneers. In doing so, he aims to address decision making quality and pace for company leaders operating in a highly dynamic economy. Alex’ presentation leads the audience to a lasting mindset shift.

The Key to High Performing Teams 

In this keynote presentation Alex discusses the difference between the wealth and the health of an organization. He demonstrates the need for organizational development and the potential resting in a servant leadership culture.

He uses concrete examples to demonstrate how modern companies are able to foster digital skills, remain hyper-relevant and dominate the market. Alex leads the audience from a process focused silo mindset to a healthier competence based  mindset.

Alex is a bestselling author >, online lecturer > with over 12,500 students and a popular stage host (see video) for leading technology conferences such as CEBIT, Deutsche Messe, ImpactCEE and Tech Open Air.

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