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Innovation With Ease

Explicit – Straightforward – Consistent: three strengths for effective company innovation

The Catalyst for Transformation

Hi I’m Alex, a keynote speaker and digital expert with a track record of client success in the following three areas:

  • Presentations Innovation & Leadership Culture
  • Executive Trainings on High Performing Teams
  • Stage Hosting for Leading Digital Conferences
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How Alex Adds Value

Discovery is the Essence of Innovation


Originating from the digital generation and equipped with experiences in international corporations and start-ups, Alex forms the bridge between the Established Companies and the Next Economy. By that he helps managers to a culture of innovation and a digital strategy.

Alex T. Steffen Keynote Speaker Vortrag IHK Potsdam

1. Presenting on Business Disruption

„Alex T. Steffen provided an outstanding insight into company innovation. His keynote received remarkably positive feedback from the audience.“

– Chong Hiu Pun, Training and Knowledge Consultant at Deutsche Bank AG

Clients: Red Bull, SAP, Huawei, Webasto

Alex T. Steffen Keynote Speaker Consulting Services

2. Delivering Executive Workshops on Digitization

„Alex T. Steffen guided our executive team to a sharper digital strategy in just three sessions. He has profound insights into the digital economy.“

– Carla Eysel, Managing Director Business Development & Organization at Alba Group plc & Co. KG

Clients: German Franchise Association, Mobility Dept. Mainz

Alex Steffen Presenter Moderator Digital Event Economy Leadership Work

3. Moderating Leading Digital Conferences

„For me Alex‘ role as the stage host was a central success factor for our event. Through his passion and charisma he brought the TOA main stage to life.“

– Nadine Riede, Content Manager at Tech Open Air

Clients: Tech Open Air, D!Conomy/CEBIT, 12min.me

4. Consulting on Innovation Design

„Thanks to Alex‘ input we hosted an unparalleled event in our city of Brunswick. The attendees of our Innovation Hub left impressed and inspired.“

– Johanna Hess, Managing Director of the Wichmannhalle venue 

Clients: ALBA Group, Wichmann

5. Showcasing Startup Ecosystems

„Alex gave us an intimate tour of various Berlin startup hubs. Not only is Alex’s network extensive, he’ll gladly open it to you. I found the experience to be invaluable.“

– Remo Kommnick, Co-founder at TechHatch

Clients: Makromedia, Webasto | 50+ 5-star reviews

6. Creating Communities for Innovation

“Those were amazing 3 days that really pushed my business forward. We received powerful exercises that helped us figure out the next step.”

– Philipp Domsch – Top Skin Expert in Germany

Clients: Primal State, Vendisys


By working with me you receive access to a disruptive mindset, to my 10-year expertise on digitization and my network of high performing leaders, experts, and creatives. Please reach out to make an appointment.


What Clients say about Working with Alex

Connect companies with startups

„Alex T. Steffen knows how to connect established companies with digital startups. He presents valuable do‘s and don’ts for companies to transform their business models and processes fast to stay successful the digital economy.“

– Thomas Jungbluth, Head of Customer Office Products & Innovation at SAP SE

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Insights into the digital economy

„Alex T. Steffen guided our executive team to a sharper digital strategy in just three sessions. He has profound insights into the digital economy. His moderation skills meet both senior and junior decision makers, and channel varying interests effectively toward a mutual goal. Alex T. Steffen’s consulting methodology led us to a renewed company vision.“
– Carla Eysel, Managing Director Business Development & Organization at Alba Group plc & Co. KG
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Keynotes on High Performing Teams

„I am very grateful for this outstanding keynote followed by a workshop on digital leadership. Our international marketing team felt inspired and prepared for the coming business year. We are already planning our next event with Alex.“
– Fabian Seelenbrandt, Global Director Marketing, Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE

5 Reasons Why Leaders Work with Alex

1. All of his six services count clients that are leaders in their industry

2. He conveys passion and ease with respect to digitization

3. He knows the whole spectrum of innovation, enterprise to startup

4. His agility allows for individual solutions over set frameworks

5. He possesses profound experience in startup hubs & change projects

Contact Alex T. Steffen

Alex T. Steffen – Innovation With Ease

Email: info@alextsteffen.com  |  Telephone: +49 157 7959 3909