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PIONEER Leadership Program + Certification

Take the next step on your lifelong learning journey and acquire the future leadership skills you actually need.

Take 3 minutes to discover the advantages of our 360° leadership program:

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  • Optimized communication

  • Improved perfomance

  • Faster work processes

  • Connected teams

  • Higher customer centricity

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More than 1,400 leaders already trust us

Leading through digital disruption may mean that

  • you sometimes feel like you’re leading with your brakes on

  • volatile markets + static work processes means increased pressure on you

  • new forms of work leave you asking: what makes my team perform well?
  • you require skills to recognize disruption and drive innovation in your firm

  • you have the drive to shape your firm’s future but missing the credibility

You are not alone.

More than 1400 leaders have been exactly where you are right now.

You are looking for a pragmatic solution to regain the feeling of doing the right things – and gain skills that will move the needle?

That’s exactly why we founded the PiONEER Leadership Academy. You are only one step away from a massive leap forward.

Increase your leadership effectiveness in a changing world and discover the organizational design to enable that effectiveness.

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Why Your Leadership Matters Now

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Only 30% of digital transformation projects are successful.

Source: BCG

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45% of managers don’t feel able to develop the skills employees need today.

Source: Gartner

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85% of employees are not engaged at work.

Source: Gallup

Company transformation starts with a mindset shift & leadership competencies.

Online education that sets you apart

  • 6 weeks plus orientation

  • 2-3 hours per week including classes, discussions & assignments

  • Flexible, self-paced learning next to your job and family

  • Earn a Pioneer Leadership Certificate & Badge

On completion of this program you’ll walk away with the ability to better lead yourself, lead people, & lead change. 

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Applications open. Limited availability.

What you can expect as a Pioneer Leader

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A sharper leadership profile

Determine your leader blueprint from the pioneer competence model and stand out from the crowd with leadership and change competence.

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Increased transformation speed 

Thanks to Adaptive Intelligence (AQ), get other people on board for workflow changes and thus progress – without adding stress.

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Agile minded team members 

Transfer the change competence to your employees and superiors and thus create the climate of a dynamic high-performance team.

4,7 / 5

With over 4.7 out of 5 rating, the Pioneer Leader Academy has proven to provide useful insight and new skills to leaders.

Program Curriculum & Learning Objectives

A unique development journey outside of stiff career paths: analyse and develop your personal leadership style to become a more effective leader.

Module I: EQ

Gain natural INFLUENCE as an Inspiring Leader

  • Understand how your change management practices compare to industry leaders
  • Learn tools to increase mental performance and resilience while facing high workloads
  • Discover strategies to avoid common mistakes that lead to change fatigue and demotivation

Module II: PQ

Ensure continued TRUST with Kind Confidence

  • Enhance your talent development skills to boost motivation, retain talent and foster innovation
  • Ideate and validate useful ways to deregulate and digitise your business processes

  • Learn ways to align with other leaders and get them on board for new ways of working

Module III: AQ

Drive rapid INNOVATION with an high Refresh Rate

  • Apply your newfound knowledge of Pioneer Archetypes to help drive innovation in your organization

  • Explore dimensions of leadership in the context of becoming agents of organisational change

  • Sharpen your ability to prioritise and delegate decision making in order to navigate organisational change
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Industry-Leading Learning Experience Design

  • Self-paced modules that respect your other responsibilities

  • Collaboration, peer learning & case implementation with fellow community members

  • Pick a work challenge, get peer support to implement your learning & achieve a breakthrough

  • Apply science-based tools from Stanford & co. to enhance student performance

  • Invaluable insights during live AMA (Ask Me Anything) calls with our reputable pioneer experts such as Microsoft Germany’s CIO Anna Kopp.

  • Immediately apply newest competencies to your day to day leadership practice

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Who Is This Program For?

This program is tailored for company leaders who aim to level up relevant leadership skills to enable their organization to thrive in the ever-changing digital age.

  • Senior management & C-Suite professionals who strive to be more proactive in implementing new ideas and stay ahead of their competition.

  • Mid to senior managers looking to update their managerial skills, implement digital tools and align their people, data, and technology.

  • Change Management and HR professionals looking to find strategies to improve their firm’s leadership and innovation culture and to acquire effective communication tools to hold people accountable for their transformation goals

  • Functional managers looking to drive results by adding more effective people management skills to their current role, especially for Gen-Y top talents.

  • Consultants looking to help their clients with effective solutions to navigate digital strategy across industries.

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Program Experience

  • Four 1.5-hour live lectures with leadership expert Alex T. Steffen

  • 4 hours of self-paced lectures

  • 2 dedicated office hours for in-depth discussions with fellow learners and faculty

  • 1 private 1:1 coaching session

  • 10 unique case studies from pioneering companies in Europe & North America

  • 1 graded real world assignment

  • BONUS: 2 AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with reputable business leaders

  • BONUS: Exclusive Pioneer Circle™ peer group access for 12 months

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Student Nationalities


Take advantage of a unique blend of practical experience and a new perspective on leadership priorities. 

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Your Leadership Expert

Alex T. Steffen is the founder of the Pioneer Leader Academy. His vision is a working world in which every human finds inspiration in their leader, feels empowered to do their best work and able to contribute to shaping a desirable future.

Alex is on a mission to help business leaders to grow awareness, build trust, and pioneer the future with Adaptive Intelligence (AQ).

Alex has seen hundreds of corporations and startups from the inside. He holds a B.Sc. in International Business from Vienna University of Economics (WU) and a Certificate of Leadership in an Exponentially Changing World from MIT Sloan.

Alex has advised more than 1,400 CEOs and managers of international brands such as Mercedes Benz, Red Bull, and SAP around digital disruption, agile work practices and organisational excellence.

Alex designed this academy like a startup: efficient, data-driven and impact-oriented. The goal: to deliver the best possible leadership development to the best companies in the world. Alex will guide you through this program and will ensure that you achieve tangible results at every milestone.

Skill Sharing & Networking

You are never alone! Through the Pioneer Circle™ you gain access to world-class mentors from pioneering firms and join an active network of business leaders who have already successfully walked this path before you.

  • Find solutions you can’t get inside your organization at zero cost.
  • Join our annual gathering and build quality relationships for a lifetime.

„A profound exchange of experiences and the targeted support from helpful, like-minded people over a long period of time aggregates into a huge leap forward.“Jordan Bishop, Founder & CEO of Yore Oyster Inc.

Application Process

For individual learners: Our next open Academy takes place in November 2022. Applications are open now. Spaces are limited.


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For teams: The typical cohort size is six learners. Languages: English, German, Spanish.

Please send your custom request to our applications center at the email below. 

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