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Alex T. Steffen

Leadership Strategist, Entrepreneur, Activist

Hi there! With over 5000 hours on international stages, I have had the honour of advising, and working directly with leaders in business, science and government such as NASA, the Swiss Armed Forces, the CEO of Mercedes, and the German Minister of Digital Infrastructure.

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As a professional keynote speaker, advisor to Fortune500 companies and founder of the LeadNow leadership accelerator,

I’m on a mission to foster the next generation of embodied leaders that our world needs, by connecting and empowering remarkable experts. With a background in innovation, I strengthen category-defining organizations and connect the worlds of yesterday and tomorrow – building bridges over moats before they grow into divides.


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„What I particularly like: In his keynotes Alex always hits the right tone for the respective market and company culture.“

Anna Kopp, CIO/CTO of Microsoft Germany

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Early on, life gave me cancer and a broken family to test my willpower. By cultivating a strong belief in myself and entrepreneurial thinking, I emerged stronger. Today, I help decision makers find the courage and the strategies to lead and to inspire others.

Also me: I love coffee, connecting people, adventures, and meditation. Ask me about my journaling practice Meeting With Me. I give back by supporting children who live with cancer.


1993: Survived cancer age 3

2003: Ran away from home age 13

2014: Graduated from Vienna business school

2017: Bestselling author (management book) age 27

2017: Co-founder Growth Masters Leader Mastermind

2017: TEDx leadership talk in Spanish

2018: Interviewed Stanford professor Dr. Andrew Huberman

2019: Named Management Thought leader of the year age 29

2019 & 2022: Authored 2 more best-selling management books

2020: Founded the agency authoriti media

2021: Digital arm of Swiss Armed Forces incorporates my org model

2023: 15,000 books sold & 350 international keynotes delivered

2024: Buckle up my friend …


Helping leaders from hundreds of category-defining businesses drive results.

Rated 4,8 out of ★★★★★ (244)

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Why Leaders Work With Me

1. At my core, I believe in pushing boundaries and championing innovative ideas.

2. My glass is always half full.

3. I challenge you so you do what you otherwise wouldn’t.

4. I open doors.🚪




Alex T. Steffen


Phone: +4915779593909

Address: Ahlbecker Str. 18, 10437 Berlin